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WCF For Citrix

Project Description
The WCF Services For Citrix is a collection of WCF services that allows develoeprs to access the different sets of Citrix SDK's in a standardized way from any type of application. Initially we are supporting the XenServer SDK and the EC2 Cloud environment.


With all the available Citrix SDK's out there, this project is about building up a service library with a level of abstraction that you can then put on your server and start to consume in your applications without specific SDK knowledge.

They goal here is to provide a standard set of web interfaces for citrix products utilizing the citrix SDK's. This will enable more usages of the SDK's without having to know the specific details of each SDK.

Initially we will be providing services for the following
  • XenServer
  • EC2 Cloud Platform

With future support for
  • XenApp API (Powershell)
  • Web Interface
  • ETC

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